Zebian Industries - Facade Contractor

Building Type



Dubai, U.A.E


LOD 500

About the Project

The Theme District form an integral part of the Expo 2020 site. They comprise 86 permanent buildings spread over three separate ‘Petals’, housing 136 participating countries. The scope of the project involves the Facade BIM Modeling with a Level of Detail of LOD 300 and thereafter the up-gradation of the model to LOD 500 after receiving the as‐built updates.

Quick Overview

3D Modeling, Clash Detection & Coordination, As-Built Updating, COBie

Curtain Wall, Interior & Exterior Doors

Construction Phase

Project BIM Lead + 3 BIM Engineers

Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks


Key Challenges & Solutions

Challenge 1: Repeated Change in Curtain Wall Design

The biggest challenge in the project was the repeated design changes that occurred during various stages in the project. This involves a lot of re‐works in the model and shop drawing. The solution found was to approve the BIM models prior to the start of the shop drawing and few additional coordination sessions were conducted for the smooth approval of the design and the BIM model.

Challenge 2: Revit Capability to develop highly detailed models

Another core challenge was the inability of Revit to develop a curtain wall model to the level of detail of LOD 400 as required by the client.

The possible modeling solution we had was brought to the client attention in the initial modeling phase and necessary approvals were taken for the usage of generic models wherever required. This has brought us the benefit of lesser comments on the model submitted. For example, there is no solution to model a sealant in Revit, so we used the generic model to show the sealants.

Our Value Addition

The development of curtain wall to LOD 400 helps to identify and rectify the interference clashes, which was given the most priority. Constructability and aesthetic issues were identified and notified in the initial phase to make adequate changes to the design wherever required. Around 10 major constructability issues were identified and rectified, which has brought huge savings on time and money.

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