What is Scan to BIM?

Scan to BIM or Point Cloud to BIM can be referred as

“The process of 3D Laser Scanning a physical Site or Space to create an accurate digital representation of it. This representation can then be used for designing, assessing progress, or evaluating option.” – B1M

What We Do

Our Point Cloud Modelers import the Scanned Point Cloud Data into tools like Autodesk Revit for creating information rich 3D Models. These digital twins can be used for Design Validation, Progress Monitoring, As-Built Documentation, Demolition & Renovation Planning, Quantity Takeoff, Budget Estimation etc.

We provide Scan to BIM services for industries like oil & gas, bridges, tunnels, metro stations, historical buildings, commercial & residential buildings etc.

What We Deliver

Point Cloud to BIMPoint Cloud to BIM

Our Capabilities

Better Quality Assurance

The Point Cloud Data generated from Laser Scan can be used to compare the planned schedule and project progress without even undergoing a site inspection.

Better Building Analysis

Availability of the Digital Twins of existing model brings the capability to conduct various analysis. The underlying problems which cannot be seen through a naked eye can be easily identified from a digital model.

Better Planning

Adopting a Scan to BIM Workflow can minimize errors when planning for extensions or renovation due to the availability of the existing building structure in the digital format.

Better Cost Control

The use of Scan to BIM methodology can reduce the surveying cost when compared to traditional methods. It’s considered as the most efficient and time saving method in delivering the As-built documentation.

Scan to BIM Services

Digital Delivery of a Residential Project

Who Benefits

Scan to BIM Services



Contractors & Fabricators

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