K10 Properties Pte. Ltd

Building Area

8,000 Sq. ft


Huwaii, USA


LOD 300


New Era Chapel is a project invested by the Iglesias Ni Cristo Community. The church is associated with a function hall in the same premises. The scope of the project involves the Architecture & Structure Modelling at an LOD 300 and the extraction of SD/ DD set drawings from 3D model.


The crucial challenge was to get the design approved by the client. There were major design revisions which adversely affected the planned project schedule as most of the design changes were mentioned on call or there were no proper communication channel established.

We brought in a cloud based review session into the project, and the design changes were discussed on the live meeting with better tracking and documentation by the assigned document controllers. This opens a better work‐flow improving the design & coordination process.

Our Value Addition

The 3D visualization capability helps to identify the critical design issues in the early design phase of the project. The constructability issues which may occur due to use of precast concrete in the project was also taken into consideration.

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