We bring together our Global Expertise, Values, People and the Power of Digital Technology. We, BIMEX can be counted as a reliable partner for empowering our clients and employees in achieving their objectives. We boldly commit to the course of our actions and passionately peruse our goals.

We are a preferred partner for Architects, Engineers & Contractors in delivering their Ambitious Projects. Due to our reliable and futuristic approach, we have served in the Airport, Hospital, Education, Religious, Industrial, Commercial and Residential sectors. Over the past 5 years we have managed 100+ global customers with our proven expertise and unmatched services.

With our agile process, insightful knowledge, and futuristic technologies, we help to minimize the Errors, Reworks, Costs and commit to complete the project with improved productivity and enhanced quality.


Superior Infrastructure & Facilities

All of our staff are familiar with international trends and working standards, and can meet any task. They attend training sessions to keep updated with the new apps and technologies. Software updates are introduced periodically to the workstations, and the server reliability is taken into account. Uninterrupted Internet access and stable data & voice network ensure effective contact between employees and customers.

Seamless Client Support

When the project is finished and delivered, our technical support team will remain at our customers’ fingertips. The project managers communicate directly with clients via the different channels of communication, including BIM360 and Cloud Platforms, even during the lockdown period through Work From Home.

Secure Data Management

We know the importance of data protection and do everything in our power to backup and protect every bit of information our clients have. We are equipped with an advanced access control system which monitors for unauthorized access to the computer workstations and the Tech Campus as a whole.

Affordable Pricing & Quality

We strive to provide top-notch services at the best price. The overall savings through the use of our BIM solutions amount to about 30% of the actual estimate. We strictly adhere to international BIM standards like AEC UK BIM Standards (BS 1192, PAS 1192, BS EN ISO 19650) amongst others.