Simply the Process of Asset Information Delivery using COBie

With our expertise in BIM and COBie Services, we support Owners, Facilities Managers and Contractors in delivering COBie datasheets for their building asset. We support our clients to capture and document important information about an asset like location, contacts, part list, warranty, maintenance schedule, equipment list etc.

Our BIM experts ensure that the COBie data is captured, structured, and documented to use for facility management purposes. We can also support firms in importing COBie data into facility management applications like IBM Maximo Manage, FM Systems etc.

Why COBie

The traditional Facility Management process begins with the manual entry of the asset information and maintenance schedules into the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). A typical handover-documents from the contractor comprises asset information, operations, and maintenance manuals and drawings.

The major efforts for a facility manager are to create, review and transcribe hundreds of pages of documents, validate the transcriptions, and thereafter the manual entry of the same data into a CMMS. This requires many years of combined effort to create structured data to be used for facility management purposes.

With the use of COBie in practice, the designers and contractors can capture and store the operations, maintenance, and asset management information right from the point of origin. COBie is considered to be a performance-based specification, where two (2) types of data; spaces and equipment is included.

The submittals approved during design and construction can be easily consolidated to an electronic operations & maintenance (O&M) manual, and the same can be imported into a CMMS and Asset Management software without any additional cost. IBM Maximo Manager, FM Systems are examples of such applications.