Facade Sub Contractor


242,000 Sq. m


Dubai, U.A.E


LOD 400


Jumeirah Living Marina Gate is one of the very few “branded” residences in Dubai Marina. It is a 77 floored Residential/ Hotel Apartment in Dubai. The project is being developed by Mirage Leisure and Development Inc, and the design was done by Killa Design. The façade was designed by Koltay Facades and Multiplex is the main contractor for the project.

The scope of the project involves the Facade Modeling to a Level of Detail of LOD 400 and later the updating of model to LOD 500 after receiving the As‐Built updates.

What's the Challenge?

Challenge 1: Complicated Shape of the Tower

The shape of the building being a challenge was also one of the key project we were into. The complicated shape brought the difficulties to model the façade elements to such a level of detail as required.

We made various effort to make its exterior curvature to be properly aligned with the IFC drawing by applying pieces of arc wall with different radial curvature joined with one another to get desired shape of building. Since the shape was neither elliptical nor any regular shape, the challenges and problems was plenty to make us think in twisted manner to achieve goal.

Image: Level 63 Soffit
Challenge 2: Revit File Management

Another challenge was to keep the model file below 250 MB as required by the BIM Standards provided. The file was split into pieces to achieve this. The file splitting was done carefully to avoid problems while modelling and linking. There were approximately 250 files for the entire project.

Challenge 3: Modelling of Soffit at Level 63

L63 Soffit was a 3 Dimensional curvature with much complicity in shape to be modelled with proper detail connection to EVS steel and rest of structural components, as the soffit was hanging at Level 63 between two towers.

The shape of soffit was properly studied and information were gathered regarding the best possible method that can applied. Since model with massing was not a wise option as the client required a detail model we come with the conclusion in using extrusion and voids for modelling. After applying various shape and cutting it with voids at required areas and with proper engineering skills we became successful in achieving the shape.

Our Value Addition

With our facade BIM services, we help the contractor in delivering a clash free model, coordinated with every trades to reduce rework on site. There were numerous cases in which structural components were shifted to avoid clashing with facade components.

Proper RFI’s were raised & discussions were made in each case. An example case in which the column and beam were chamfered and extended sizes were reduced to avoid clashes. This was much appreciated as it saves huge effort and money.