What We Do

3D Visualization for Workspace

We use the latest state-of-art software tools to accelerate design delivery from conceptual planning through various project delivery stages. With our software expertise and experienced professionals, we support Architects, Home Builders, Interior Designers, Contractors and Real Estate Companies in delivering photo-realistic images, animations, 3d floor plans, site plans and walk-throughs.

With the integration of BIM with VR or Virtual Reality, our clients can visualize and interact with the virtual world for quick decision making, improve communication and problem solving through an interactive way of project collaboration.

3D Visualization: Walk-throughs & Fly-throughs

These help the designers and contractors to walk-through the model, thereby identifying any potential issues or problems, before they are being constructed in site. It also helps the designer to make any changes within the design by visualizing the entire model with ease.

Bringing Visions to Reality with BIM enabled 3D Visualization Services

The collaborative nature of BIM combines data across all disciplines. The 3d visualization of a unified database brings your visions to reality through a better understanding of design, improving decision making and enhancing collaboration among the stakeholders.

3d visualization act as a precise communication tool to garner the support of decision-makers through a realistic presentation of the key information from planning through various project delivery stages.

We support our clients to communicate the complex/ technical design intent to all the stakeholders through 3d visualization of the project elements.

Who Benefits


Interior Designers



How BIM Benefits Architects?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative process that facilitates all the stakeholders involved in the project. It is changing the traditional way of working in the AEC industry.

Why Us

Deliver Maximum Value

With our expert team and latest technology, we optimize the 3d rendering process to create a short delivery cycle. We have defined templates and an extensive BIM objects libraries to support in the execution of multiple projects at a time.

Best-in-class Technology

At BIMEX we are committed to providing a comprehensive software solution to our client in support of our 3d rendering services. We have enterprise-level agreements with Autodesk and other software providers to accelerate project delivery and improve the overall performance of all our projects.