The construction process has been evolved into a multi-disciplinary co-ordinated system with technology becoming an intrusive part of it. With a progressive vision, BIMEX bridges the gap between successful construction techniques of the past with a modern and futuristic approach to construction. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, BIMEX has played a pivotal role in the creation of masterpieces of the Modern Era. Construction management is driven by technology for better utilization of resources and efficient cost management. BIM leads the comprehensive process with its incredible advanced tools and processes that aid Architects, Engineers and Designers. Gaining experience from working on large-scale projects, the team of BIMEX now offers value-based BIM Consultation services for its clients.

Shop Drawings have become a crucial part of the design and development phase of the project. Being a more accurate and enhanced version of designs than architectural drawings, engineers always refer to them in various stage of development. Shop Drawings are detailed enough to let architects understand the location and position of prefabricated components, manufacturing standards, material details. We have BIM Shop Drawings specialists to enable Architects to get a detailed blueprint of every specification. These drawings vary from Architectural Structures to Plumbing material and vents positions. Coordinated shop drawing is a combined 3D rendering of the construction project by integrating all architectural, structural and trades shop drawings. The next-gen technology empowers the construction management process with insightful data through the detailed drawings of every component.

Advanced technologies have simplified complex construction management processes leading to the development of magnificent projects. BIM 4D Service enables the architects to experience the construction sequencing and discover flaws in earlier phase to reduce the loss. Our 4D BIM services are aimed at providing assistance to engineers and designers in efficiently planning and controlling construction project activities. Converting the 3D BIM Models to 4D BIM Models with real-time synchronization saves a lot of time during the design phase. With the ability to get a virtual representation of a building to be created, the process of logistic planning and safety planning becomes accurate and efficient. BIMEX Engineers are also experienced in helping engineers and architects with 5D BIM Services. Projecting the costing of the project with the power of technology enables contractors to plan the development phase with correct data.

Quantity Take off

2D Hand Drawings are not capable of producing error-less projections of the quantity of material and cost estimates. BIM boosts the process of quantity estimation with help of 3D, 3D, and 5D BIM services throughout the lifecycle of the project. Saving the time of architects, BIMEX engineers accurately helps to estimate the quantity take-offs and understand the project implications. Models produced through BIM are free of human errors and eliminate discrepancies from the project. Quantity estimation is a crucial part of BIM services for construction project management.