Our 3D Virtual Modeling services include Architecture BIM Services, Structure BIM Services, MEP BIM Services, 3D Visualization and Facade BIM Services. Ensuring the correct 3D Modeling of the parametric objects, a spatial arrangement signifies the relationships between them and their physical and mechanical properties. We employ the Intelligent BIM Process that incorporates the data, materials, drawings and documents to enable engineers to produce magnificent plans and elevations along with drawings. Increasing the efficiency of the material utilization ultimately leading to enhanced project outputs.

At BIMEX, We are using technologies like VR to bridge the gap between design and reality.

Amplifying the productivity in the project, we equip the Engineers with a high-end visual representation of the buildings with rich images processed with the best accuracy. Providing a new way of navigable 3D Environment, we ensure that conflicts are solved at the initial stage saving hours and resources for our clients.

3D Visualization

We are dedicated to providing, cost-effective and high-quality 3D Visualization Services within a short turn-around time as per our client requirements. We pay close attention to details and are focused to meet our client expectations.

We have extensive experience in working with architects, interior designers, housing developers, real estate companies, and product manufactures around the globe.

3D Visualization Services

Architectural BIM Services

Facilitating the seamless collaboration of our 3D Visualization services for architects, BIMEX is dedicated to simplifying the multi-disciplinary collaboration that enhances the results. Working closely with the Architect team, we produce an accurate vision and Interior Design of thoughts of the Engineers. It supports the Design and Development phase for Architects with our highly experienced team equipped with the latest technology. From LOD 100 to LOD 500, BIMEX uses Intelligent technology to drive the process of Design to Construction.

Structural BIM Services

Providing Time-bound and cost-effective Structural BIM Services, we are boosting the success rate in the construction of high-end buildings. Using Revit and Tekla, the professionals at BIMEX elevates the efficient production of drawings and visual representation. Rebar Modelling makes the estimation of resources to be used and timeline very accurate at LOD 400.

The Shell structure modelling and Concrete Modelling acts as extended support for the Architect to plan the material management based on the processed data.

Structural BIM Services
Curtain Wall Modelling

Facade BIM Services

BIM has brought a revolution in Facade technology with an increase in productivity of Architects & Facade Engineers through the design and fabrication of complex facades without much errors and reworks. Facade design is an extremely professional task requiring a distinguished appearance, technical functionality and significant investment in installation planning.

MEP BIM Services

Leveraging the power of latest technology and with a streamlined coordination workflow, BIMEX offers the best-in-class MEP BIM Services. Producing a clear and concise 3D visual representation of the MEP designs, we support our clients to develop models from a Level of Detail LOD 100 to LOD 500. Leveraging the latest technologies and technical expertise we also utilize BIM to perform analysis and accurate engineering calculations.

Fire Protection BIM Services