3D + Time = 4D

What We Do

We offer 4D BIM Simulation or Construction Sequencing for your Building Information Models. The whole process during the construction phase are integrated with the fourth dimension time.

At BIMEX Engineers, we use Autodesk Navisworks platform to create 4D Construction Sequencing based on the planned construction process. With the generated sequence the construction planner can simulate the planned process, identifies any potential clashes, effective material planning & management, improved site utilization planning & coordination with on-going operations, supply chain management, inventory management, etc.

The Gantt chart obtained from Primavera or Microsoft Project is directly linked with Building Information Model to produce the 4D Scheduling or construction sequencing. The construction sequencing helps to schedule conflict between multiple-trades during construction phase, thereby reducing the time taken for the whole construction process.

BIM for Preconstruction Logistics Planning

By linking the design model with the construction schedule, a 4D BIM Simulation can bring insight about the planned construction activities in various stages of a project. In cities and densely populated areas, the planning and site execution has always been a big challenge. The storage of inventory, material delivery routes, waste disposal, location of tower cranes etc. has to be carefully planned before the site execution.

At BIMEX, we utilize BIM for Preconstruction Logistics planning to develop the proposed site logistics in 3d & 4d. Our engineers work closely with our client’s team of planners and designers to create a 3d visual logistics plan that attributes the project requirements, whilst minimizing disruption to the local community and surroundings.

Our BIM Preconstruction Services

Visual Logistic Phased Plans

We support logistic planners to provide planned logistic visual sequences for various phases of a project, to visualize how the site execution happen once live.

Visual Traffic Management Plans

Clear traffic routes needs to be established to ensure minimal disruption while executing projects in cities and densely populated areas. We support in creating Visual Traffic Management Plans for your projects.

Visual Waste Management Plans

Waste management is crucial in any construction and we support contractors in visualizing their waste management plans, like waste disposal location, routes etc.

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