With a clear focus on customer satisfaction BIMEX Engineers offers cost-effective and quality clash detection services for our customers. With our clash detection experts, we reduce the amount of change orders during construction through our risk free model inspection while initiating clash checks.

We provide a Coordination Summary reports or CSR after performing the clash tests. We use Autodesk Navisworks platform for clash checks. The Coordination Summary involves all the Clashes incurred, Exact location of the Clash and a possible Solution for the clash. With the generated reports, our coordinators work closely with architects, structural engineers and MEP contractors for clash resolutions.

Why BIMEX For Clash Detection?

  1. Determine all the possible clashes in the project
  2. Identifies time-based clashes based on 4D Simulation
  3. Suggest remedial solution for each clash
  4. Detailed Coordination Summary Report after running clash detection.

Our Clash Detection Process

The image shows the work-flow of our clash detection process. Our clash detection services involves a 4 stage process starting with the preparation of the NWC Files from all the stakeholders involved in the project. i.e.; the NWC files from Architects, Structural Engineers and MEP Engineers are collected.

Clash Tests Templates are developed based on a Clash Matrix prior to the start of the process. The Clash Matrix defines the number Clash Tests, Clash Types (Hard or Clearance Clash Test), Clash Scenarios (First Order, Second Order & Third Order) etc.

A Clash Detection Workshop is conducted and Clash Tests are run based on the Clash Test Templates developed. Individual Clashes are identified and shall be categorized as New/ Active, Reviewed, Approved and Resolved.

Clash Reports are generated at the end of the process and is distributed among the project stakeholders to start with the clash resolution process.

Sample Clash Detection Report

The below section contains a customized clash report generated for a residential project.