At BIMEX, We efficiently use BIM for Operations and Maintenance (O & M) of a building by using latest technologies like Common Data Environment (CDE) and Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM). We focus on Empowering BIM Process for a better building Operations & Maintenance management.

According to surveys, buildings consumes 30 – 40% world’s energy every year during its operations and this is where the actual cost of building in occurs. When compared to traditional facility management methods, the use of BIM technology can greatly reduce the Operation and Maintenance cost. We have successfully completed a wide range of BIM projects, with varying complexities and challenges. We have built industry-defining BIM based FM solutions that are efficient and economical.

The operational phase of a building is estimated to be the most expensive period of the building’s entire life cycle.
Lower Costs
Lower Emissions
Faster Delivery
Improvement in Exports

As Built Documentation

The as built models and as built drawings generated are more accurate and complete with a BIM based As Built Documentation process. Our experienced team at BIMEX, supports our client with a vision to bridge the gap between the traditional paper-based as-built workflows and technology driven data management practices using the BIM technology.

As Built BIM Services

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Scan to BIM Services

Scan to BIM

Our Point Cloud Modelers import the Scanned Point Cloud Data into tools like Autodesk Revit for creating information rich 3D Models. These digital twins can be used for Design Validation, Progress Monitoring, As-Built Documentation, Demolition & Renovation Planning, Quantity Takeoff, Budget Estimation etc.

BIM for Facility Management

With the onset of BIM for Facility Management, the FM processes have become shorter and more efficient. The collaborative approach of BIM ensures that there are less redundancies, no communication gap, smooth information transfer and at the right time.