We are proficient in providing cost-effective MEP services to our clients globally. We provide wide range of MEP BIM Services for commercial and residential buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, resorts and health clubs, etc.

We provide exceptional BIM services using PDF or AutoCAD inputs from the client. Since we are also into building services design, we can provide complete MEP solutions starting from schematic design drawings, coordination services and finally the preparation of shop drawings for your MEP contractors. With our expertise design engineering team we can provide a comprehensive solution for your complete requirements under one roof.

What We Do

We provide turnkey solutions to MEP Consultants and MEP Contractors in developing 3D Models from PDF, AutoCAD or Point Cloud input. All the 3D models developed are aligned with the Project BIM Standards and Design Specification mandated for the project.

The MEP Models developed are coordinated with the Architecture and Structure models to identify any potential clashes or accessibility issues. The issues identified are raised as RFI’s to produce a clash free model before the extraction of drawings.

mep bim services

What We Deliver

Our Deliverables includes:

  • 3D Model Development for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection Systems.
  • Constructability Reviews in terms of Missing Inputs, Inconsistent Input information, Accessibility Issues etc.
  • Clash Detection & Clash Resolution.
  • Quantity Take-off (Tender Support & Procurement)
  • Shop Drawings, Coordination Drawings, Riser Drawings, Sleeve Penetration & Wall Cut-out Drawings.
  • As-Built Model Updating & As-Built Documentation.

Our MEP BIM Services

MEP Coordination Services

Case Studies

The scope of the project involves the development of LOD 500 model for Architecture, Structure & MEP incorporating the As-built updates, later to be used for the facility management purposes.

The scope of the project involves the Architecture & Structure Modelling at an LOD 200 and MEP model to be delivered in LOD 300 along with the extraction of drawings from 3D model.

The scope involves Architecture, Structure & MEP modelling using Autodesk Revit. The Level of Detailing for the project was LOD 350. The model was used for coordination and the extraction of the shop drawings.

Why BIM Modelling?


Complete coordination of MEP services can be obtained during design and pre-construction phase, this helps to eliminate conflicts in the work site

Time Savings

With effective coordination and the production of accurate shop drawings, components can be easily prefabricated which reduces time and material wastage in the work site

Cost Management

With an accurate BIM model owners can estimate cost in the pre-construction which can ensure that the project is completed within the owners budget

Mechanical Revit Modelling