What We Do

Our architectural bim services support architects, designers, engineers, general contractors, fabricators, owners, and facility managers. Our services support starts from conceptual design, design development, construction documentation, presentation modeling, procurement schedules and as-built modeling.  i.e. from LOD 100 to LOD 500.

With a 3D Revit Model, architects can digitally visualize and better convey their design intent. It provides an opportunity for the architects to identify any potential spots during the earlier design stages. This brings the flexibility for the clients or developers to lock their design decisions prior to the approvals.

General Contractors
Developers & Facility Managers

Our Architectural BIM Services

Our BIM LOD Services

LOD 100
LOD 100


Pre-Design or Concept Design

LOD 200
LOD 200


Schematic Design

LOD 300
LOD 300

Design Development

LOD 350
LOD 350

Construction Documentation

LOD 400
LOD 400


LOD 500
LOD 500


What We Deliver

3D Visualization techniques can be used to convey design-intent, design validation, and identify constructability issues

BIM based Quantity takeoff is one of the useful applications that can be automated. It is simple, detailed and more accurate, reducing the time and cost involved in the process

Transform your 2D ideas and paper sketches to 3D Models for engineering simulations and better visualization of your design intent

Convert your building products into a information rich Digital product as a first step towards the Digital Transformation Journey

Use BIM to deliver high quality and detailed drawings. The change process is quite easy, any changes made on plan will be automatically reflected on sections and elevations

3D Model for existing site conditions can be developed from point cloud data generated from laser scans or using traditional surveying techniques. The model developed can be used for future documentation, visualization and disaster planning activities.

General & BIM Standards We Follow

BS 1192

Collaborative Production of Construction, Engineering, and Architectural Information
(The Standard focus on Drawing Quality Management)

PAS 1192-2

Specification for data management for the capital and delivery phase of construction projects using BIM
(The Standard focus on the information management for delivery phase of construction projects.)

PAS 1192-3

Specification for data management for the operational phase of construction projects using BIM
(The Standard focus on the Code of Practice for Facility Management using BIM.)

ICC (International Construction Code)

IBC (International Building Code)

FHA Guidelines, ADA Standards and Accessibility Codes

CSI Masterformat

AIA Standards

NFPA Codes & Standards


Technical Samples

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How BIM Benefits Architects?

BIM Benefits Architects to Design, Visualize, Analyze, Simulate and Document projects efficiently. Read the blog to learn more about the important benefits of BIM for Architects.

Our Capabilities

Better Design Delivery

Our BIM Architects helps clients to develop information rich models. We use digital design delivery to overcome design challenges and deliver higher productivity and quality while reducing turn- around time, cost, and risk.

Better Collaboration

Our BIM team ensures that BIM is utilized to its best. Using Collaborative platforms like BIM360 & Aconex, we open the possibility to use a single shared information among all the stakeholders involved in a project.

Better Coordination

Our BIM Coordinators ensure that the design is fully coordinated among the other trades involved. We use tools like Autodesk Navisworks & Solibri Model Checker to visualize and document the potential clashes found.

Better Cost Control

Our BIM team helps our clients to provide a better idea regarding the project cost. This brings the possibility to optimize design based on client’s budget and we can assure that a budget-oriented design has been delivered.

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