General Contractor

Building Type



Muscat, Oman


LOD 500


The Service block of the Catering Building in Muscat, Oman which serves the complete catering solutions for the Muscat Airport. The service block comprises of warehouse, laundry area, pump room, boiler room, chiller room and generator room. The scope of the project involves the development of LOD 500 model incorporating the as-built updates, later to be used for the facility management purposes.

What’s the Challenge?

Challenge 1: Compliance with DASO BIM Standards

The challenge was to strictly complaint with the DASO BIM standards.

A dedicated person was deployed from our side to understand and learn the standards from the experts. Later, live review of the model was performed via online sessions before the submission to ensure that our modelling was adhering to their standards and quality guidelines.

Our Value Addition

We delivered the model undergoing thorough checking and make sure in adhere with the DASO BIM Standards at all stages. Meetings were held on a weekly basis to ensure that we are sticking on the targets and we deliver the model with the right information to be later used of facility management.