Save up to 50% time using BIM based QTO Process

Traditional Quantity Estimations were performed by Architects and Engineers from 2d CAD drawings. With the advancement of the Building Information Modeling process, the BIM based Quantity Takeoff has brought us more accurate and efficient quantity takeoff services within a quick turn-around time.

At BIMEX Engineers, we use Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks for preparing BIM based QTO and estimates. Highly detailed, data-rich, intelligent 3D Models are developed using BIM authoring tools, and elements are linked to the corresponding materials to perform the automated QTO process.

What We Do

Quantity Takeoffs act as an integral part of the bidding, planning, and execution of a construction project. With our qualified team at BIMEX, we support Architects and Engineers in preparing Tender Quantities and contractors in generating accurate quantities for material procurement and cost estimation. The BIM based QTO process avoids potential inaccuracies and human errors and always makes sure that the extracted quantities are aligned with the design.

The implications of design changes on the quantities and cost can be easily visualized throughout the entire construction phase, keeping an eye on the budget constraints and cost overruns.

Facade Quantity Takeoff

Benefits of BIM based Quantity takeoff

The BIM model-based quantity takeoff has been identified as one of the most potentially important and profitable applications of the BIM process. Below are the major benefits identified.