Generate Detailed Shop Drawings from Intelligent BIM Models

We support contractors in delivering accurate shop drawings from construction documents (CD Set) and the specifications prepared by architects or engineers. With our shop drawings services, we create quality drawings which include details like dimensions, material information, manufacturing standards and fabrication details of components. At BMEX, we use Autodesk Revit platform to develop bim shop drawings from a fully coordinated 3d model.

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Shop Drawings Vs As-Built Drawings

Shop drawings and As built Drawings are two such types of construction drawings, that are really crucial in the process of construction. Check out the blog to learn more about the difference between the two drawings.

How do Shop Drawings help Architects, Engineers and Contractors?

Shop Drawings are able to convey the pictorial representation of the design to every stakeholder related to project. With details like location and design of elevators, structural steel, prefabricated components, vents and plumbing material. This set of information makes the Shop Drawing a valuable asset for architects, engineers and contractors.

  • For architects, these Shop Drawings act as Design Prototype. Visualizing the spatial arrangements, assemblies and materials, they help architect get a better understanding of design.
  • Engineers always want to have a better understanding of space reservation in the design. These shop drawings help them evaluate the spaces and also identify the clash between components.
  • For contractors, it is of utmost importance to schedule the construction process early to start the work. Shop Drawings work as a communication tool between Architects and Contractors which further help in estimating the time consumption of the project.
  • Shop Drawings also act as verification for the design of Engineers and Architects. If any clashes are found in the shop drawings, it is easy to change them and save resources. Contactors use BIM Shop Drawings majorly for risk management.
  • The detailed form of Shop Drawings includes the quantity take-offs information also. Understanding the type and quantity of material to be used along with the project timeline makes the cost estimation process easier, faster and more accurate.

Shop Drawings are prepared once the final review is done over the design of the project. These drawings help builders, engineers to place the components perfectly in their place without any clashes. Based on their applications, the drawings are further classified into important sections.