Generating Complicated Façade Design Models, a Challenge?

BIM has brought a revolution in Facade technology with an increase in productivity of Architects & Facade Engineers by 25% through reduction in errors and reworks. Facade design is an extremely professional task requiring a distinguished appearance, technical functionality and significant investment in installation planning.

We have expertise in generating complicated Facade Design models, through our understanding of modern design science and by empowering architects with highly meaningful information models. We are dedicated to simplify the Facade Design, Fabrication and Installation process through the implementation of BIM. We are equipped with modern technology and we offer comprehensive support and consultation to Architects & Facade Designers for verification of the design and enhancing the constructability of the Facade systems.

Dynamo Tips & Tricks

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What We Do

We provides Facade BIM Services for Urban Infrastructure, High-rise Buildings, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Resorts, Skyscrapers, Apartments, and Commercial Buildings. Our Façade BIM Services includes:

  • 3D Façade Modeling for Glazing & Cladding Systems
  • Facade BIM Services Coordination (Resolution of Clashes with Architecture, Structure, Interior & MEP Models)
  • Facade Shop Drawings
  • Facade BOQ or Material Take-off
  • As-built Facade Modeling

Our Capabilities

Facade Modelling Services

Our Facade BIM Modellers helps our clients to develop complicated models for Glazing & Cladding systems, Door, Windows, Canopies, Skylights etc. We use digital design delivery to overcome design challenges and deliver higher productivity and quality while reducing turn- around time, cost, and risk.

Facade BIM Coordination

Our Facade BIM Coordinators ensure that the design is fully coordinated among the other trades involved. We use tools like Autodesk Navisworks & Solibri Model Checker to visualize and document the potential clashes found.

Facade Shop Drawings

Our Facade team ensures that BIM is utilized to its best to deliver accurate Shop & Fabrication Drawings extracted from a fully coordinated 3D Model. All our work process is in compliance with the UK Level 2 BIM Standards.

Facade Quantity Take-off

Our BIM team helps our clients to Calculate the BOM/ BOQ during the Tender phase for Bid purposes and later during the construction stage for Procurement of Materials. All our estimates are derived from a 3D model making it less prone to mistakes and errors.

Case Studies

Jumeirah Gate Tower is a 77 floored Residential/ Hotel Apartment in Dubai, UAE. The Scope of Work involves LOD 400 Modelling & Coordination of External Facade System.

The project involves the Façade Modelling with a Level of Detail of LOD 300 and thereafter the up gradation of the model to LOD 500 after receiving the as‐built updates.

Curtain Wall Modelling Services

Metro Extension, Qatar

A Extension of Metro Station Bridge in Doha, Qatar. Where the scope involves the LOD 400 BIM Modelling & Shop Drawings Extraction of the Exterior Curtain Wall Systems.

Advantages of Facade BIM Services

Using BIM in Facade brings the following advantages.

  • Enhancing the 3D Visualization Services improve the Designs & Details of Exterior & Interior Glazing System
  • Eliminate about 20% of Productivity Waste and Saves Errors & Reworks
  • Reduce the Project Delivery Time, by improving Design & Construction Process
  • BIM Modeling helps in an Efficient Structural Analysis
  • Faster Decision making through Better Collaboration

Facade Shop Drawings

Our Facade Shop Drawings includes:

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Partial Plans
  • Typical Details & Interface Details

Facade Fabrication Drawings

Our Facade Fabrication Drawings includes:

  • Installation Drawings for Brackets
  • Installation Drawings for Mullions & Transoms
  • Fabrication Drawings for Brackets
  • Fabrication Drawings for Mullions & Transom
  • Fabrication Drawings for Windows & Doors
  • Fabrication Drawings for Glass Panels