Who We Do

We provide BIM Modeling Services tailored to the requirements of architects, engineers and contractors. We believe that Building Information Modeling or BIM can bring a vital change in the built industry, and we thrive to help in bringing those change.

We asses the project specific BIM requirements of our clients and we offer solutions based on the needs. Our capability extends to the development of detailed models from a level of detail of LOD 100 to LOD 500. We assure that our model aids the value through-out the entire building life cycle from design, construction, to operations and maintenance.

75% increase in usage of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The usage statistic of BIM is increasing day by day, according to the SmartMarket report, the usage of BIM has been increased by 75% when compared to the previous 2 years, which is almost 50% of the Construction firms are using a Building Information Model for their construction process. According to the present scenario, BIM will be a replacement for the traditional Architectural and Construction drawings within a few years.

Who We Serve

We support our clients under various sectors in utilizing BIM to achieve project excellence in terms of improved quality, cost, and time savings.

Why Us

BIM Services Expertise

We are trusted among Design-Build Contractors and MEP trade contractors in USA, Europe, Singapore, Australia and Ireland. We have around 6+ years’ experience in delivering BIM projects.

BIM Process

We have the latest tools and technological know-how to tackle with some of the greatest of our client challenges. We use visual programming languages like dynamo to automate tasks and improve efficiency.

BIM Resources

We have 30+ resources in-house, who are capable of delivering projects under tight deadlines. Our resources comprise of BIM Managers, Project BIM Leads, BIM Coordinators, BIM Engineers and BIM Modelers.

BIM Office Infrastructure

We have infrastructure capabilities streamlined to achieve the BIM goals of our clients. Our IT infrastructure capabilities include high speed internet connectivity with cloud integration for us to work from anywhere without the limitation of the geographical boundaries.

How BIM Benefits Structural Engineers?

BIM Benefits Structural Engineers to Design, Visualize, Analyze, Simulate and Document projects efficiently. Read the blog to learn more about the important benefits of BIM for Structural Engineers.

BIM Modeling Benefits