What We Do

At BIMEX Engineers, we offer a one-stop solution for all your BIM Outsourcing Services, including BIM Modeling Services, BIM Coordination Services, BIM Drafting Services, Quantity takeoff Services, 4d/ 5d sequencing, COBie, etc. We extend our services to architects, engineers, contractors, fabricators, building owners, facility managers, etc.

With over 6+ years of BIM experience combined with our technical expertise, we have successfully executed 100+ projects for various clients across the globe.

HVAC Shop Drawings Services

Our BIM Outsourcing Services

Architectural BIM Outsourcing Services

We develop data-rich Revit models from CAD, PDF, and Point Cloud data to be used for design review, coordination, and drawings production.

Structural BIM Outsourcing Services

We develop detailed structural models (steel and concrete) capable of using them for analysis, to produce accurate drawings and quantity take-off.

MEP BIM Outsourcing Services

We deliver accurate and constructible MEP models, and drawings using the Autodesk Revit platform. We are familiar with international codes and standards.

Scan to BIM Outsourcing Services

We are proficient in developing accurate As-built models and drawings from point cloud data.

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Focus on your Design & Engineering, We shall take care of your BIM requirements.

Looking to a third party for your BIM Outsourcing support not only helps you to free up your valuable BIM Staffing resourcing, but also helps you to focus more on design, engineering, client services, and business development. This also brings the advantage to increase productivity and quality as more time is spent on design and engineering rather than the laborious drafting works.

Who We Serve

We support our clients under various sectors in utilizing BIM to achieve project excellence in terms of improved quality, cost, and time savings.

Post-COVID BIM Market Trends

COVID-19 has disrupted the construction industry and has proved to be a speed breaker in the BIM industry growth. Learn more about the expected trends in the BIM market based on reports from Markets and Markets.

Why Us

BIM Services Expertise

We are trusted among Design-Build Contractors and MEP trade contractors in the USA, Europe, Singapore, Australia, and Ireland. We have around 6+ years of experience in delivering BIM projects.

BIM Process

We have the latest tools and technological know-how to tackle some of the greatest of our client challenges. We use visual programming languages like Dynamo to automate tasks and improve efficiency.

BIM Resources

We have 30+ resources in-house, who are capable of delivering projects under tight deadlines. Our resources comprise of BIM Managers, Project BIM Leads, BIM Coordinators, BIM Engineers and BIM Modelers.

BIM Office Infrastructure

We have infrastructure capabilities streamlined to achieve the BIM goals of our clients. Our IT infrastructure capabilities include high-speed internet connectivity with cloud integration for us to work from anywhere without the limitation of geographical boundaries.

Benefits of BIM Outsourcing

BIM improves efficiency by facilitating stakeholder collaboration. Outsourcing BIM requirements of smaller businesses brings the advantage of operating more efficiently and effectively to gain client trust, resulting in more projects and faster growth.

Outsourcing has proven to be the best method when there are urgent requirements of experienced BIM resources within a short period. By outsourcing, we can cut down your cost in hiring, software expenses, and the additional overheads associated.

Apart from money, outsourcing brings time benefits by changing your focus to tasks with higher priority. When non-technical tasks like BIM drafting and BIM modeling are outsourced, companies can focus more on technical tasks like design and engineering and thereby improve efficiency and client service.

Outsourcing helps business owners to experiment with new business strategies or try out new business without incurring significant risks associated with in-house initiatives. For example, a new service sector or a new product can be launched without incurring escalating resource or infrastructure expenditures.