There are numerous advantages in implementing BIM for Structural engineers. It helps them to constantly update the model with any changes in the design or general specifications, keeping all the data as accurate as possible. BIM transforms the way we handle and visualize components. It has grave impact on designing activities like, conceptual design and structural analysis.

BIM ensures reduction in design and drafting errors and hence provides with lower designing cost and improved productivity. It also allows for better analysis of situations through simulation. The fact that the use of BIM lets one visualize the whole picture lets one identify potential design issues, and come up with new and creative ways to solve problems.

We are experts in generating structure BIM models using Revit platform. With our expert structural engineers, Revit technicians and structure detailer’s we are competent enough to develop models for Steel Structures, Wood Structures and Concrete structures. Also we are experts in creating families for structure detailing like joists, Anchor bolts, trusses etc. With our expertise in working for Residential and Commercial projects we are experts in creating quantity schedules and cost-estimation services.

Our Structural BIM Services

Complete Structural BIM Modelling
Steel Structure Detailing
Quantity & Material Take-off
4D Scheduling & 5D Cost Estimation
Structural Shop Drawings
Precast Modelling/ Detailing
Rebar Modelling

Rebar Modelling

The modelling of Rebar has brought significant advantages over the use of the traditional 2D drawings. With the advancement in using the 3D Models, it is quite easy to identify clashes in Rebar and we even can check whether the design fits into the area, before it is been fabricated.

The use of BIM process has open the gates of pre-fabrication in Rebar. Now, its quite easy to visualize the complex rebar designs in 3d and can be easily assembled offsite.