What We Do

With our structural BIM services, we develop 3D structural models and integrate it with Architects, MEP Engineers and other specialists involved in the project. A collaborative working improves accuracy, optimize design, and deliver better quality drawings.

With our expert Structural Engineers, Revit Technicians and Structure Detailer’s we are competent enough to develop models for Steel Structures, Wood Structures and Concrete Structures. Also, we are capable of developing families for structure elements like Joists, Anchor bolts, trusses etc. and to generate detailed BIM based quantity takeoff and 5D cost-estimates.

Structural BIM Services

Can we efficiently use Structural Elements and Materials?

With BIM, complex structural designs can be developed in the virtual environment. This brings the benefits of better visualization, identification of any potential design, construction, or operational challenges and ability to optimize design and the forthcoming construction process.

These benefits bring the way towards the efficient use of structural elements and materials to make the building safe, sustainable, and durable.

Our Structural BIM Services

3D Structure Modelling

Highly detailed 3D Structural Model can be developed from Schematic Design Drawings and Construction Drawings. These detailed models can be used for Structural Analysis and Design Validation.

Structural Quantity Take-off

Structural Quantities and Material Take-off can be easily performed. This information can be later used for manpower planning, budgeting, and analyzing the overall construction costs.

Structural Shop Drawings

Accurate Shop Drawings can be generated from the fully coordinated Structural Model. The 3D Model enables us to draft any number of sections and details.

Structural As-Built Documentation

As-Built Documents generated from Point Cloud Data can be used renovation, retrofit and refurbishment projects.

What We Deliver

Structural Revit Modelling

How BIM Benefits Structural Engineers?

BIM Benefits Structural Engineers to Design, Visualize, Analyze, Simulate and Document projects efficiently. Read the blog to learn more about the important benefits of BIM for Structural Engineers.

Our Structural LOD

Our Capabilities

Better Productivity

The BIM Process is driving automation. Our Structural BIM Engineers develop highly detailed Structural Models, which can be used to perform structural analysis, generate schedules and drawings, thus bringing a better productivity when compared to the traditional 2D driven process.

Better Coordination

Our BIM Coordinators ensure that the structural model is fully coordinated among Architecture and MEP trades. We use tools like Autodesk Navisworks & Solibri Model Checker for Clash Detection purposes.

Better Collaboration

Our BIM team ensures that BIM is utilized to its best. Using Collaborative platforms like BIM360 & Aconex, we open the possibility to use a single shared information among all the stakeholders involved in a project.

Better Cost Control

Our BIM team helps our clients to provide a better idea regarding the project cost. This brings the possibility to optimize design based on client’s budget and we can assure that a budget-oriented design has been delivered.

Rebar Modelling

The modelling of Rebar has brought significant advantages over the use of the traditional 2D drawings. With the advancement in using the 3D Models, it is quite easy to identify clashes in Rebar and we even can check whether the design fits into the area, before it is been fabricated.

The use of BIM process has open the gates of pre-fabrication in Rebar. Now, its quite easy to visualize the complex rebar designs in 3d and can be easily assembled offsite.

Stair Rebar Detailing