Building Area

10,280 Sq. meter


California, USA


LOD 300

About the Project

A community centre project was completed for an Architect Client in California, United States of America. The scope of the project involves the preparation of Architecture BIM models along with the extraction of drawings and schedules from the BIM model.

Quick Overview

3D Modeling, Clash Detection, BIM Coordination


Detail Design Phase

Project BIM Lead + 2 BIM Engineers

Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks

Community Centre

Key Challenges

The BIMEX team was responsible for generating the 3D Architecture Revit model for the Community Centre. The challenge involved in the initial conversion of the old hand drawn drawings to CAD and there after the conversion of the drawings to 3D Revit Model. The model was used as a base in the development of the new design.

Project Snaps

Our Value Addition

Our experience in the development of the 3D Revit model from Hand Sketches help the Architect to easily provide us with the new design to be developed. The complete set of Schematic Drawings with Schedules was extracted from the BIM Model for presentation and approval.

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