Mr. Jaibi Mani & Ms. Sheena Babu


264 Sq. m


Hamlyn Terrace, Australia


LOD 300


This Project is 4 Bedroom Residential house in Hamlym Terrace, Australia. Its architectural form consists of 3 bedroom with 1 Master Suite, Home Theater, Children activity space, Living/Dining Space, Alfresco Grande And Garage. The scope of the project involves the preparation of Architecture BIM models along with the extraction of shop drawings from the BIM model.

Our Value Addition

The project was initially assigned to be done in CAD based on the mark‐up received from the Architect. Our team has taken the initiative to work on BIM so that we can leverage the 3D Visualization capabilities of BIM, through which the design and approval sessions were made easy than using the traditional 2D drawings method.

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