For every construction project, before the shovel hits the ground, there is a lot of work that is to be done on paper. Every amazing structure you see around goes through a certain process to become what it is today. The initiation of this process is the design.

There are multiple types of construction drawings that are created throughout the process of construction. Each having its own advantages, importance, and relevance. These construction designs are important to create the massive structure and make everyone understand their part in it.

Shop drawings and As-built Drawings are two such types of construction drawing, that are really crucial in the process of construction. If you are from the AEC industry, you must have heard about both of them.

Shop Drawings can be simply defined as a step-by-step “Assembly Manual” in the built process.

Let’s differentiate both of the Construction Drawings

Shop Drawings

It is a set of drawings that includes all the details related to the components used in the building. Each building or structure is composed of various components, the shop drawing gives detailed information like measurements, dimensions, location etc. of those elements.

BIM Shop Drawings

A shop drawing is prepared by the contractor. It not only includes the overall design of the building but also includes the interface coordination of MEP, Interior components, and precise details of other components to be installed on site. The various installation details of the components along with doors and windows are also included in the shop drawings.

The Shop drawing is the original design of the building and it is created before the construction actually begins on the ground. It becomes the basis for the construction after the approval from the construction team.

On the other hand, the construction drawing is a bit different from the shop drawing. Construction drawings are legally significant drawing as it includes the documents for the legal agreement between the employer and the contractor.. The construction drawing includes the modifications and revisions taking place as the project proceeds. While the shop drawing is the original design of the structure and includes no revisions.

As-Built Drawings

Things may never go as per the plan. There are always several alterations that are made in the original plan as per the requirement. Therefore, the final structure is different in most of the cases from the original structure planned. The final version of the structure is referred to as the As-built structure.

As Built BIM Services

As-built drawings are developed after the completion of a project. It is the representation of the actual structure you are seeing in front of your eyes on paper. As-built drawing are used as a reference to see what was planned and what is built, basically the difference between the planning and execution.

This structure drawing contains all the details right from the structure to the installation of components in the house. Its advantages include the designing of the emergency services for the structure. It is considered as a base when reconstruction or some small repair work is to be done in the building.

As-built drawing is given to the client after the completion of the project. The drawing is being made by the contractor, as they are the ones responsible for the whole project. It is especially important from the client’s perspective as it helps them to analyse the final product.

Shop Drawings vs As-Built Drawings

The original structure that is made at the beginning of the project, is called a Shop drawing. The drawing goes through multiple changes during the process as the project proceeds. Construction drawings provides the graphical information of the project along with the Quantity Estimates, Specifications, and Work Schedule. The structure in front of your eyes, when drawn on paper after the completion of the project is called an As-built drawing.


At various stages of the construction process, several types of drawings are required to build the final structure. The perfection and precision of the outcome largely depends on the work that is done behind the curtains. Such massive and eye-pleasing architectures are the result of discussions, brainstorming, alterations, and hard work that the whole team puts in.

Precise Shop drawings, As-built drawings, and Construction drawings etc., plays an important role to build massive structures with perfection. Investing time and money in these minute details and drawing are totally worth it for exquisite structures.

Dona James

Dona James is a Civil Engineering graduate from Muthoot Institute of Technology and roles as BIM Engineer at BIMEX Engineers. She is a competent user of Revit and a passionate professional in 3D Modelling & Visualization, 4D Simulation and Coordination. She enjoys travelling, cooking, and drawing is her most loved hobby.

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