Prior to the rise in popularity of BIM or Building Information Modeling, commercial buildings were designed and developed using CAD technology. However, the value of BIM has led to a paradigm shift in the construction industry where BIM has become the standard for delivering complete commercial construction projects. The software for BIM construction management isn’t only for 3d modeling anymore; it also improves productivity by allowing for better communication and collaboration. In addition, BIM also provides post-construction building management capabilities that can benefit building owners and property managers for the years to come.

Here are the top five benefits of BIM for construction management.

Validates Constructability of Design

A BIM-based construction process utilizes a 3d model, which offers various advantages during the construction phase, especially in cases of complex-built projects where accuracy is essential. The use of BIM helps designers and contractors identify the potential spots and constructability issues long before the construction begins. For example, clashes between components or trades, inefficient construction schedules, and material requirements can be planned and understood. Also, different design options or work options can be compared until a workable solution is found.

Having accurate information before the start of construction helps to eliminate costly reworks and redesign while the structure is being built.

Implementing BIM in the construction process helps to visualize and optimize design, fabrication, scheduling, and even shipping.

Improved Construction Cost Estimation

The 3d model developed as a part of the BIM process contains all the project information including performance specifications, materials, product information, etc. With BIM, contractors can avoid time spent on length take-off exercises to calculate quantities.

The availability of 3d models has shortened the tendering QTO process when compared to the takeoff from 2d drawings.

Improved Construction Sequencing and Scheduling

With the use of 4d BIM Modeling tools like Autodesk Navisworks, Vico Office, etc. we can now virtually plan and simulate the construction phases. This helps to determine the optimum construction sequence for complex projects allowing various sequence options to be compared before the actual construction begins. BIM act as a base for lean construction practices, by verifying the length of each construction activity and optimizing the schedules before execution.

BIM Construction Management enables better change monitoring by equally monitoring different parts of a project in general.

Supports Prefabrication and Offsite Construction

BIM opens the doors for prefabrication and offsite construction by using highly detailed and coordinated BIM models to create parts and pieces that can be easily fit together off-site saving time, labor, and reducing material wastage and costs. Some examples of easily prefabricated units include windows, doors, roof trusses, ducts, wall and floor panels, etc.

Advancements in 3d printing technology have embraced the opportunity of prefabricating room-sized components as well as an entire building can be built in offsite locations or factories and transferred to the final location.

Enhance Asset Completion and Handover Process

Using BIM in construction management allows contractors to maintain an accurate and real-time record of the construction phase when compared to traditional as-built drawings. This centralized management of information can be easily accessed by building owners and facility managers for the purpose of ongoing operations, building maintenance, future refurbishment or demolition works.


By embracing the BIM technology contractors can avoid costly mistakes caused by human error and it brings a way to raise the quality of projects by utilizing cutting edge technologies and software. The use of BIM in construction management brought the ability to optimize construction costs and schedules without compromising the quality of projects.

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