We are specialized in developing intelligent 3D Mechanical Models from 2D Mechanical/ HVAC Drawings, Equipment Submittals, and the provided Mechanical Design Specifications. We are familiar with international standards like SMACNA and are capable of incorporating any specified local codes whichever is applicable. With our HVAC BIM Services, we are capable of delivering 3D models from a Level of Development of LOD 100 to LOD 500 based upon the client requirements.

What We Do

We provide turnkey solutions to HVAC Consultants and Mechanical Contractors in developing 3D Models from PDF, AutoCAD or Point Cloud input. All the 3D BIM models developed are aligned with the Project BIM Standards and Design Specification mandated for the project.

The HVAC or Mechanical Models developed are coordinated with the Architecture, Structure, Electrical and Plumbing models to identify any potential clashes or accessibility issues. The issues identified are raised as RFI’s to produce a clash-free model before the extraction of drawings.

Mechanical Revit Modelling

What We Deliver

2D to 3D Conversion

We support Mechanical/ HVAC Consultants and Contractors in the conversion of their 2D Design Drawings to an intelligent 3D Model.

Constructability Reviews

We identify the potential clashes, Accessibility or Clearance Issues, Input Inconsistencies and Missing Information. The same is notified to the client as RFI’s.

HVAC Duct Shop Drawings

We develop Shop Drawings for Contractors and the Fabrication Drawings for the Fabricators from the Clash Free Model developed.

Quantity Takeoff

We support MEP Consultants in generating Tender BOQ for Bid Purpose and support contractor in delivering Quantities for Procurement and Project Cost Calculation.

Our BIM LOD Services

Case Studies

MEP BIM Services

Sports Complex

The Scope of the Project involves the LOD 400 Modeling & Coordination of MEP Services and the extraction of Shop Drawings for the Sport Complex building in Qatar.

Architectural BIM Services

NCO Junior Mess

The Scope of the Project involves the LOD 400 Modeling for Architecture, Structure & MEPF and the extraction of shop drawings for the NCO Junior Mess Building in Qatar.

Main Masjid

The scope involves Architecture, Structure & MEP modeling to a level of detail of LOD 400 and there after the extraction of Shop Drawings from coordinated model.

Our Mechanical BIM Services

Block-out (Builders Work) Drawings

We provide Builders Work or Block Out drawings with detailed dimensions and elevations. Block out drawings are provided after aligning the ducts and equipment with the architectural grids.

Plinth or Equipment Pad Layout Drawings

We provide the Equipment Pad Layout drawings with reference to the Architectural Grid. The Equipment Pad layout drawings are essential to position the Equipment in the accurate location providing adequate clearance for maintenance and other services.

Mechanical Room Modeling

We provide detailed BIM models for Mechanical rooms which helps you get more clarity for your site installations. We model Duct/ Pipes, Mechanical Equipment, Valves & other Pipe accessories, Equipment Pad etc. Also, we provide the clearance area (If details are provided) for accurate positioning of equipment (AHU, Chiller, Chilled Water Pumps etc.) and to provide easy maintenance services.

Installation/ Shop Drawings

We provide Installation/ HVAC Duct Shop Drawings for Mechanical Contractors & Duct Fabricators. We extract the shop drawings from the HVAC BIM Model and providing adequate details required to fabricate the product for duct fabricators and also can be used by contractors for on-site installation.

Quantity Takeoff

With BIM Models we have the benefit of extracting accurate quantity takeoff. The quantity schedules are generated by the software itself, so if any changes are made in the model, it automatically gets updated.

Mechanical Revit Modelling
HVAC BIM Services