Use of BIM for Plumbing Projects brings better understanding of design, reduced timeline and overall budget.

When designing a new plumbing system from scratch or when modifying an existing one, with the implementation of BIM, a Plumbing Contractor can balance the customer expectations in terms of budget, functionality and timeline.

The use of BIM for Plumbing is already an industry standard as more and, more jobs involve some level of collaboration during the design stage. The modeling of Plumbing services brings an opportunity for better understanding of the design.

What We Do

Our Plumbing BIM Services enables 3D visualization of all the Plumbing systems like Drainage, Water Supply, Vent, Medical and Natural Gas etc.  We also support in Coordination & Interference checks among other trades through an automated clash detection process using tools like Autodesk Navisworks.

From a Coordinated model, we are capable of generating Coordination Drawings, Isometric Drawings, Spool Drawings, Fabrication Drawings, Sleeve & Hanger drawings, Quantity Takeoff for Plumbing fixtures, Accessories, Fittings etc.

Plumbing BIM Modelling

The BIM Dimensions can be defined as the levels of information that contain within a BIM Data model. Each dimension refers to a specific type of information contained in a BIM model. As per the requirements and complexity of the project these dimensions are added. Every time an extra set of information is added to the process, an additional layer of dimension is added. 

Technical Samples

Our Capabilities

Better Design Understanding

Our Plumbing Modelers helps our clients to develop information rich Plumbing models. This enables the Plumbing Designers and Contractors to better understand the design before executing on site.

Better Collaboration

Our BIM team ensures that BIM is utilized to its best. Using Collaborative platforms like BIM360 & Aconex, we open the possibility to use a single shared information among all the stakeholders involved in a project.

Better Coordination

Our Plumbing BIM Coordinators ensure that the design is fully coordinated among the other trades involved. We use tools like Autodesk Navisworks & Solibri Model Checker to visualize and document the potential clashes found.

Better Cost Control

Our BIM team helps our clients to provide a better idea regarding the project cost. This brings the possibility to optimize design based on client’s budget and we can assure that a budget-oriented design has been delivered.

What We Deliver

Plumbing BIM Services

Our Plumbing BIM Services includes:

LEED Requirements

LEED Certification, a rating system released by the U.S Green Building Council (USGBC) for buildings to verify that a building is design and constructed using strategies aimed to improve metric that matters Carbon emissions, water efficiency, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

The collaborative BIM database provides Architects, Engineers and Contractors an accessible platform to easily collect and analyze LEED data as a part of the green building benchmarks mandated before the construction phase.