With our qualified professionals we offer a wide range of Electrical BIM Services. We model the Electrical Equipment, Conduits, Cable Trays, Lighting Fixtures, Communication & Data Transmission devices, Network Routing and Fire Alarm Systems etc. The Coordination Model will be free from clashes with the other members like HVAC & Plumbing Systems, Architectural, Structural members etc. We are familiar with International Codes like International Building Code (IBC), National Electrical Code (NEC) and International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). 

What We Do

We provide turnkey solutions to Electrical Design Consultants and Electrical Contractors in developing 3D Models from PDF, AutoCAD or Point Cloud input. All the 3D models developed are aligned with the Project BIM Standards and Design Specification mandated for the project.

The Electrical Models developed are coordinated with the Architecture, Structure, Mechanical, Fire Protection and Plumbing models to identify any potential clashes or accessibility issues. The issues identified are raised as RFI’s to produce a clash free model before the extraction of drawings.

Electrical BIM Services

What We Deliver

2D to 3D Conversion

We support Electrical Consultants and Electrical Contractors in the conversion of their 2D Design Drawings to an intelligent 3D Model.

Constructability Reviews

We identify the potential clashes, Accessibility or Clearance Issues, Input Inconsistencies and Missing Information. The same is notified to the client as RFI’s.

Electrical Shop/ Fabrication Drawings

We develop Shop Drawings for Contractors and the Fabrication Drawings for the Fabricators from the Clash Free Model developed.

Electrical Quantity Take off

We support Electrical Consultants in generating Tender BOQ for Bid Purpose and support contractor in delivering Quantities for Procurement and Project Cost Calculation.

Case Studies

MEP BIM Services

Sports Complex

The Scope of the Project involves the LOD 400 Modelling & Coordination of MEP Services and the extraction of Shop Drawings for the Sport Complex building in Qatar.

NCO Junior Mess

The Scope of the Project involves the LOD 400 Modelling and Coordination for Architecture, Structure & MEPF for the NCO Junior Mess Building in Qatar.

Main Masjid

The scope involves Architecture, Structure & MEP modelling to a level of detail of LOD 400 and there after the extraction of Shop Drawings from coordinated model.

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Our Electrical BIM Services

With our fully-fledged BIM Model, we can easily the required construction documents like Lighting & Power Wiring Layout, Panel Schedules and Material Lists. Our Electrical BIM Services includes:
Data Center Electrical Conduits Model
Data Center Electrical Conduits Model

Future of Prefabrication in Electrical Construction

Learn more about how prefabrication can improve the electrical construction process by making it more productive as well as cost efficient. 

Modeling of Electrical Lighting Systems

With the use of BIM, we are placing intelligent 3D Lighting Objects model with all the data integrated. A lighting scheme developed in BIM has the capability to deliver the performance data even without the use of third-party software’s like Dialux. The integration of lighting calculation into BIM enables the client to visualize the Candela requirements per rooms or per floor.

The Electrical Light Fixtures modelling with the necessary data like name, size, type, and photometric data can be used to perform Lighting and Energy analysis. With the ability to develop Photo-realistic renderings from the 3D model, the lighting designers can identify lighting pollution and analyse whether the lighting requirements for the project are satisfied based on the project requirements and building codes.

By performing daylight analysis using BIM, the designers can understand the natural light availability of a particular space. With the ability to measure the day light, designers can make better design decisions such as the selection of lighting fixtures (dimmable fixtures, ballasts etc.) and the use of specific lighting control systems to supplement the daylight.

Electrical Lighting Modelling

Schedule of Circuits & Panel Boards

In the traditional method of CAD Drafting, Electrical Panel Board Schedules has to be calculated Manually or with the support of a third-party software. Even with the use of a third-party software the data has to be gathered and input after reviewing the individual Electrical Drawings. With the advancement of BIM, every data is object oriented and the schedules can be easily generated from the model itself.

Benefits of BIM Coordination for Electrical Contractors

With the use of BIM, Electrical Contractors can develop 3d electrical models comprising of lighting and power systems, power feeders, cable trays, conduits, duct banks, electrical equipment like transformers, generators etc. The use of a coordinated Electrical Model brings the benefits of offsite prefabrication, avoid labor and material wastage and there by increase the overall project efficiency by saving time and cost on installation.