Generate Clash Free HVAC Shop Drawings from BIM

An HVAC Duct Shop Drawings provided to a Mechanical Contractor or Fabricator contain detailed information on how the duct has to be routed, along with the location of placement of Duct Accessories like Duct Fire Dampers, Volume Control Dampers, VAV box etc. The drawing also comprises of the location of equipment’s such as AHU, FCU’s, VAV Box etc.

What We Do

With our experienced team and proven track record, we have supported Mechanical Contractors and Fabricators in delivering the best quality HVAC Duct Shop Drawings within their budget and project timeline. Our BIM Engineers make sure that all our drawings delivered are coordinated among other trades, leaving no chance of collision or clashes while execution.

We support Sheet Metal Contractors, Duct Fabricators and Mechanical Contractors by providing accurate shop drawings that can be prefabricated offsite for quick and efficient site installation.

Technical Samples

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Our HVAC Duct Shop Drawings shall follow the below General Requirements:

We use the Autodesk Revit platform for 3d HVAC modeling and Autodesk Navsiworks for clash detection and BIM coordination. Our HVAC shop drawings shall follow below general requirements.

Industry Standards & Codes We Follow